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How to Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter for You?

Nov 14, 2022

Pulse oximeters are usually found in doctors’ offices and hospitals, but this isn’t the most convenient option, as you can also buy one to use at home. Available in several different styles and designs, you can quickly check your oxygen saturation and pulse levels from the comfort of your home.

While the spread of COVID-19 has led to a lot of interest in at-home pulse oximeters, there are many other reasons why you might want to buy it and have it with you. For example, for breathing problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other lung diseases, having a pulse oximeter at home can provide added peace of mind.


Pulse oximeters are suddenly a household name

What is a pulse oximeter? How does it work? How does it read? You can read this article I wrote on this topic.

A pulse oximeter is probably one of the medical tools you use the most every day. These small devices precisely measure the ratio of oxyhemoglobin (SpO2) to pulse and are an important part of many tests. This medical device provides an easy way to check the body’s vital signs, giving you a quick overview of a person’s health.

A pulse oximeter is not a complete replacement for medical advice, but it can be a valuable medical device for people with pneumonia, COPD, asthma, or heart disease. Ideally, you want to choose products that are highly accurate and fully functional, such as bright displays, smartphone compatibility, and real-time updates. The device should also be easy to use and portable. Its design, materials, and battery life also matter. For these reasons, purchasing a high-quality, accurate pulse oximeter is important.

Some Tips for Selecting the Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters come in many brands and styles. How choose the most suitable medical equipment for you is particularly important. I’ve rounded up some suggestions to make it easier and better for you to choose the right pulse oximeter for you.


1. Confirm the accuracy of the pulse oximeter reading?

First, your pulse and blood oxygen saturation can be checked with professional medical equipment in the hospital and then repeated with a pulse oximeter over the same time. If the reading error is within 1, it can be confirmed that the reading of the medical device is accurate.

2. Can people of different skin tones read accurately?

Generally speaking, many pulse oximeters still have different readings for different skin colors, and the error is more accurate between 1-2.

3. Does a pulse oximeter fit different body types, including different finger sizes?

Take, for example, the Yonker-branded YK-60A1 style, a device that is suitable for a wide range of patients, it automatically adapts quickly to each patient, and is suitable for a variety of finger sizes.

4. Which brand offers the best warranty and after-sales service?

The Yonker brand is proud to provide long-term warranty and after-sales service and solutions for all pulse oximeters.

5. Easy to use, easy to read on the big screen?

Yes, all of Yonker’s pulse oximeters are compact and portable, with easy-to-read and bright large-screen displays.

6. Is the pulse oximeter durable?

Yonker’s products are authoritative and durable, it is resistant to drops and splashes, and can be used in the most demanding conditions, you will often see Yonker products that are ten years old, and that is guaranteed.

7. Will there be an alert if my finger is not properly placed in the pulse oximeter?

Several Yonker products use specialized technology to provide feedback through a digital display, allowing users to see if their fingers are properly positioned in the device.

8. Is the pulse oximeter easy to integrate into my system?

Yes, Yonker’s pulse oximeter can be easily integrated into your system, YK-60A1 provides an intelligent design with Bluetooth connection, a convenient connection to your mobile phone for storage, and excellent technical support. In addition, you can also provide your data to us or your medical housekeeper after testing to provide you with better advice.


YONKER product introduction

Finally, I sincerely introduce a YK-60A1 style pulse oximeter from Yonker, which has the function of Bluetooth data transmission.

It has an LED backlight display and two-way display, the measurement effect is visible, cloud storage, automatic recording of measurement results, generation of visual charts, convenient to check the status of blood oxygen/pulse rate 7, 30 days at any time, and built-in lithium battery, more convenient and safer, more environmentally friendly, powered by a large-capacity lithium battery, can be charged and discharged more than 500 times, such a multi-functional pulse oximeter is worthy of your trust and purchase.

Whether you’re monitoring the health of a loved one or looking to understand your health, a pulse oximeter is a right choice, and if you’re caring for someone with long-term heart or lung disease, these devices can give you peace of mind or provide important information. The pulse oximeter works from just a fingertip, and with easy-to-use instructions and a clear display, this device can benefit any caregiver.

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