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PM401: Mini Moxa Moxibustion Massage Box For Adult

  • Small and lightweight and High Quality.
  • It is composed of high temperature and fire resistant nylon and glass fiber raw materials.
  • Can be used for invigorating your spleen and stomach, dispelling dampness and cold, improving dysmenorrhea.
  • Small, easy to use and portable, suitable for home, work and travel.
  • Suitable for head, face, neck, back, chest, abdomen and so on.
  • Promotes blood circulation, enhances immunity, improves blood circulation, relieves pain, and no side effects.

Specifications :

Brand Name: YONKER
Origin: China Mainland
Applicable People: Adult
Use: Breast
NET WT: 380g
Item Type: Moxibustion
Model Number: PM401
Material: ABS
Color: Cream Color
Material: high temperature resistant material
Accessories: 60 moxa sticks and 60 sheets of non-woven fabric
Temperature Range:  Adjustable Air Hole Size
Working Conditions:  5℃≤40℃
Storage Conditions:  -20℃≤60℃
Product Size: 8.27*7.68*2.72 inch