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YK-61C1: New Type Fingertip Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

  • OLED display: Product adopts OLED display, It has different display modes.
  • Low-power consumption, continuously work for more than 5 hours with lithium battery.
  • When the battery voltage is too low that may affect normal use, there is a low voltage warning indication.
  • In the absence of signals, the product will be in after 20 seconds to enter sandby state.
  • The device can transmit the measurement results to the client through Bluetooth.
  • Small in volume, light in weight, and convenient to carry.

Bluetooth Connection Record Blood Oxygen Data


Large Font Display Easy to View Data


Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Built-in lithium battery, charging more convenient, support charging bank charging, can be charged at any time.

LED-Backlit Screen Abnormal Alarm

ECG Acquisition Real-time ECG Display


Single-lead ECG acquisition, real-time display of ECG waveform, anti-interference ability, at any time to grasp the heart health status.


Focus on Product Detail Design

Brand Name: YONKER Origin: China Display Typs: OLED display
RESP Rate Measurement Range: 7~70 BrPM, Accuracy:±2BrPM HR: 30~300 bpm, Accuracy: ±1% Model Number: YK-61C1
Pl Index: measurement scope: 0~20 The Date Update Period: <12S SpO2: Measurement range: 70%~100%
Bluetooyh Communication Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0