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YONKER launched its first fingertip pulse oximeter in 2008.


In 2017, YONKER launched the world’s smallest and lightest fingertip pulse oximeter designed for pediatric.

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YONKER Pulse Oximeter Development

Since the launch of the first fingertip pulse oximeter product in 2009, YONKER Medical has established a complete line of oximeter products covering fingertip pulse oximeter, handheld pulse oximeter, and desktop oximeter, Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leading company in the field of oximeters.

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The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an application of the IoT for medical and health related purposes, data collection and analysis for research, and monitoring. The IoMT has been referenced as “Smart Healthcare”, as the technology for creating a digitized healthcare system, connecting available medical resources and healthcare services.